Quinta Mont Fleuri

Quinta Mont Fleuri

Laguna de Hule

Laguna Hule

Similarly to the Barva crater , the Hule Lake  is a fresh water crater lake and is part of the Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre “Bosque Alegre” , which is on the Atlantic side of the Braulio Carillo National Park.  It is part of a complex of lakes comprising Lake Hule, Lake Congo and Lake Bosque Alegre. There is a hill of volcanic origin separating the lakes. Lake Hule is at 400 meters above sea level ( about 1200 feet) , with a surface of 98.8ac and a depth of 246 feet . It is the deepest lake in the country. This spectacular location is close to Quinta Mont Fleuri. Driving to lake Hule  entails  driving past the Paz Waterfall Gardens as well as 'Mirador Cinchona' (stop here if you want to see emerald toucans!! Highly recommended.)   The road there is mostly paved , except for the last 3 miles or so  . You leave the car at the spectacular 'Restaurante Mirador Bosque Alegre'. This is a great place to enjoy a reasonably priced meal with a stuning view . You need to buy an access pass to use the trails of this park , buy the meal and pass combo to maximize savings. 

The hike down to the main lake is quite steep , but the trails are well maintained. The restaurant also employs guides that are a good source of information regarding the nature and length of the different trails. To view all three lakes takes several hours and conditions can be challenging due to rain and steep inclines. Kayaks can be rented to explore Lake Hule. The nearest peak visible from the restaurant is not the Poas Volcano but the crater of the Congo Volcano.


Toyota 4- Runner
On the way to Laguna Hule.
Rio Sarapiqui
The Sarapiqui River .
Laguna Hule
Spectacular Laguna Hule.
Restaurant with a view
The view from the restaurant.
Western rim
The western rim of the crater of Laguna Hule.
Coatis visible at the side of the road.

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