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Quinta Mont Fleuri

Quinta Mont Fleuri

Nearby businesses



Automercado  is the premier supermarket chain in Costa Rica . A lot of foreigners shop there because of the availability of imported items from Europe and North America. Fruits and vegetables are meticulously selected  for appearance and quality.  The bakery has very good freshly baked local and imported artisan bread . 



Frutas y Verduras Pequeño

This is a great fruit and vegetable market located on Route 126 in Barva. The prices of vegetables and fruit are a fraction of what they are at Automercado. Highly recommended!


Supermercado Viquez : Santa Barbara

There is a chain of supermarkets present in the areas surrounding Quinta Mont_Fleuri called 'Viquez'. The main store is located in the town of Santa Barbara , but there are many more stores in the smaller neighbouring towns. This store carries pretty much everything you need , except for a lot of the imported items found in automercado. I find the meat section to be quite good , and I buy ground beef as well as 'lomito' or tenderloin there , which is a premier cut. I shop this store frequently as it is conveniently close and inexpensive.



Viquez supermarket: El Roble

This is another Viquez supermarket that is quite close to Quinta Mont-Fleuri. However it is quite small and not very well stocked . It really is more of a convenience store .



Mata Panaderia & Cafe

This cafe is opposite the Super Viquez in El Roble. Good place to have a great coffee and some pastries. It caters to bicyclists that are on Route 126.


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