Quinta Mont Fleuri

Quinta Mont Fleuri

Sector Volcan Barva : Braulio Carillo National Park

Route to Sector Volcan Barva of the Braulio Carillo National Park

The Braulio Carillo National Park is the largest park in Costa Rica , with an extension of 50,000 Hectars. It is located in the middle of the country , straddling the mountain range between the Poas and Irazu volcanoes . Volcanoes found within the park are Barva and Cacho Negro. The highest point of the park is the Barva lake , located at roughly 10,000 feet altitude and which formed as the result of water accumulating in the crater of the Barva Volcano. 

There are two (soon to be three) entrances to this park. Sector Volcan Barva and Sector Quebrada González .

Sector Volcan Barva is near Quinta Mont Fleuri , only 10 miles away . However the access road is steep and the part near the park's entrance in poor condition. The drive up to the park entrance is spectacular , with incredible views of the Central Valley . The scenery is comprised of areas of large native trees at lower elevations , turning into cloud forest at higher elevations.  Quetzal birds sightings sometimes occur in this area as well .  Make sure to clothe appropiately , as the temperature can be quite low at these higher elevations. 

Aerial view
Aerial perspective of the Braulio Carillo National Park.
Pony with a view
Pony with a view!
Trails within the Braulio Carillo National Park.
Barva sign
Sign at the Barva crater lake
The continental divide.
The continental divide sign.
Tall trees
Tall, native trees within the cloud forest .

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